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About Us

Founded in 1984, Rudd Realty is exclusively focused on Manhattan Property Management. Our 70-plus client buildings range from under 10 units to over 250, from pre-war to post-modern. Our close-knit team of managers and executives brings decades of experience to the table, while maintaining a forward-thinking approach.

Our mission is to provide personalized, team-based management that delivers comprehensive, responsive service to our clients. We will never allow our customers to get lost in “the system.” Our senior staff gets involved and stays involved, offering personal attention throughout our relationship with every one of our properties.

Our team is active, available and devoted to the best outcomes for our clients. We are large enough to offer full services, yet small enough to be personal and highly attentive. We strive to make each building we manage the best it can be.

Our guiding philosophy is a simple one: take action.

We respond to owners’ problems directly and personally. We pride ourselves on being easy to reach and responsive. If you have a problem, we want to solve it.

We manage proactively, so small issues don’t become big or expensive problems.

We offer our clients:

Excellent response times to quickly solve problems

Experienced professionals devoted to getting the details right

Financial expertise, known and respected in theemp industry

A full-service Brokerage division, including mortgage brokerage

Sustainability initiatives that are good for the planet and for your property’s bottom line

Rudd Realty   641 Lexington Avenue, 10th Fl , New York, NY 10022

p: 212-319-5000 | f: 212-319-3095