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Our Services

We provide top quality property management for co-ops, condos, rentals, mixed-use and commercial properties throughout Manhattan.

Our goal is to make each building we manage the best it can be. When we take over the management of a property, we always:

  •  Conduct a complete physical analysis of the building, including the exterior, mechanical systems, public areas, individual units, commercial spaces, and any other applicable building areas.
  • Analyze the property in relation to comparable properties to pinpoint areas to create additional value. We take the time to compare recent sales, maintenance costs or common charges, assessments and amenities to find a property’s true value.
  • Create an Action Plan of what needs to be done, including estimated costs and funding options.
  •  Analyze the building’s financial condition, including areas where revenue can be increased and expenses lowered. The analysis includes a review of the current mortgage, if there is one, as well as an exploration of the ability of shareholders/unit owners to bear additional costs to fund capital improvement projects.
  • Present the plan to the board and shareholders or unit owners for discussion, input and approval.
  • Review the Action Plan frequently and anticipate any potential changes.

Additional Services:

  • Residential Sales & Leasing: As managers, we know your building better than anyone. We can help any unit owner sell their apartment for top dollar, highlighting the care the building is managed with.
  • Commercial Leasing: Years of New York real estate experience helps us get the most out of a property’s commercial space.
  • Mortgage Brokerage: We offer full-service mortgage brokerage for all types of property loans.

We provide every imaginable service to our properties, including:

  • Monthly Financial Reports:  We use the latest technology to allow boards to view reports securely online as soon as they are prepared.
  • Preventive Maintenance Procedures:  We continually inspect each building’s physical plant and closely monitor all work performed under maintenance contracts.
  • Annual Budgets:  Our property managers take an active role in preparing each building’s annual budget as part of both short- and long-term financial plans.
  • Long Range Financial Planning:  Using our Action Plan, we anticipate when an item will need attention, and figure out how a property will pay for the repair or replacement.

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